IN FOCUS Photo Voice 2017: Youth Perspectives on Alcohol and Other Drug Use

Angelina B_ PhotoVoice

Carol UIHS TAGDexter PhotoVoice

Emily B PhotoVoice

Fiona S PhotoVoice

Hanna PhotoVoice

Jenna_Kaylene_ PhotoVoiceJ

onah PhotoVoice

Joshua_ PhotoVoice

Kieran H_ PhotoVoice

Stephaine PhotoVoice

Trevan_ PhotoVoice

William 1 photo PhotoVoice

IN FOCUS Photo Voice 2015: Youth Perspectives on Impaired Driving






California Healthy Kids Survey

Science of Getting Drunk Infographic


Town Hall Meeting *Expired*


Every 15 Minutes 2012 Video by Fortuna High School

Coopers Gulch Cigarette Butt Cleanup Video 12/11/2011

IN FOCUS Photo Voice 2012: Youth Perspective on Alcohol & Other Drug Use 2012

Willow’s IN FOCUS Poster

Tinuviel’s IN FOCUS Poster

Stanson’s IN FOCUS Poster

Shelbie’s IN FOCUS Poster

Sheila’s IN FOCUS Poster

Sariah’s IN FOCUS Poster

Rose’s IN FOCUS Poster

Richard’s IN FOCUS Poster

Ravyn’s IN FOCUS Poster

Paris’s IN FOCUS Poster

Misty’s IN FOCUS Poster

Margaret’s IN FOCUS Poster

Maggie & Tashina’s IN FOCUS Poster

Lexi’s IN FOCUS Poster

Leilani’s IN FOCUS Poster

Holianna’s IN FOCUS Poster

Hannah’s IN FOCUS Poster

Eric’s IN FOCUS Poster

Desert Lily’s IN FOCUS Poster

Annelise’s IN FOCUS Poster

Anna & Andrea’s IN FOCUS Poster

Angel’s IN FOCUS Poster


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